Fled from Afghanistan
and grown in Germany.


„…where once were veils,
I show face today …“

Fled from Afghanistan and grown in Germany. My flight from backwardness became a flight forward. Along this path, I developed into the woman I am allowed to be today.

From Kabul to Kassel. From the streets of Afghanistan onto the catwalks in Paris and New York to my new home: Berlin. Milestones on a long journey of deprivation, experience and fulfilment, which allow me to spontaneously act as a representative of successful integration. I use my role as model as a role model for successful integration. To create doors where there are walls. Where once were veils, I show face today for a versatile future.


Freedom, understanding, integration: an essential triad for the harmony of our togetherness, which is like a thread running through my personality. As an ambassador for integration I act as a permanent representation of my own story. I would like to be an example for integration. To raise courage, to overcome hurdles and to pave the way for freedom. I want to dispel the fear of the other, to perceive otherness as a chance.

For an integrative, multi-cultural and tolerant co-existence. As patroness, protagonist and brand ambassador I assume an advisory role on a societal level. Since diversity means to understand the opportunities that lie within the intercultural dialogue

„I want to dispel the fear of the other, to perceive otherness as a chance.”


„My New Freedom: From Kabul across the Catwalk to Myself.” For the reader it is just an autobiography. For me it is the written proof of a courageous decision.

In 1998, I was 13 years old when I escaped with my family from fanaticism and violence in Afghanistan. We left behind hunger, violence and the fear of death. Ahead of us lay the fear of the unknown. Emotions that get burned into children’s’ souls like gunfires on the house walls in Kabul. I was 17 when I escaped once more. This time from my family, who perceived my new freedom as a threat. At the end of my 20s, I found the words for my experiences and a publisher who wanted to hear those words. „My New Freedom: from Kabul across the Catwalk to Myself” would become the first part of my personal story.


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